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27-04-2010, 08:49 AM
Your Baby Can Read Complete Learning DVD

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Your Baby Can Read Complete Learning DVD
The Your Baby Can Read : Early Language Development System is a revolutionary early learning program encourages that infants and toddlers to learn the written word and spoken word simultaneously.

Your child will learn with interactive text, pictures, songs, and games naturally and easily, along with smiles, laughter and fun.

DVD titles:
1. The Starter
2. Volume 1
3. Volume 2
4. Volume 3
5. Review
6. Workshops

BONUS: Early Learning Workshop
Many people have traveled great distances to hear Dr. Bob speak about how they can stimulate language development in their babies. Learn more about how your baby’s brain develops and why the “natural window” for learning language starts to close at age five. Discover how this remarkable program will have positive and permanent effects in your child’s life! The DVD also features an interview with his daughter Aleka, and tips and techniques on how to stimulate your child’s thinking and creative abilities.

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