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Vietnam visa - vietnam visa online - visa to vietnam

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Vietnam visa (http://www.vietnamvisa-online.com/ContactUs-Vietnam-Visa.aspx) - vietnam visa online (http://www.vietnamvisa-online.com/Apply-Vietnam-Visa.aspx) - visa to vietnam (http://www.vietnamvisa-online.com/blog/vietnam-visa-news/visa-for-vietnam/)
Dịch vụ làm visa cho người nhập cảnh vào việt nam.
Chất lượng - nhanh chóng - kinh tế (http://kinhte24h.org/) .
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For visa processing support : support@vietnamvisa-online.com
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VIETNAM VISA (http://www.vietnamvisa-online.com/Apply-Vietnam-Visa.aspx) ONLINE
What is it?
To apply for Vietnam visa (http://www.vietnamvisa-online.com/Privacy-Policy-Vietnam-Visa.aspx), you can both go in person toVietnam (http://www.vietnamvisa-online.com/Vietnam-Embassies-And-Consulates-Abroad.aspx) embassies/consulates in your country and apply online (http://www.vietnamvisa-online.com/Apply-Vietnam-Visa.aspx). As one of few organizations optimizing online solutions, www.vietnamvisa-online.com (http://www.vietnamvisa-online/) now helps you process your Vietnam visa (http://www.vietnamvisa-online.com/) in the shortest time as we do everything ONLINE. It means, you should apply for your Vietnam visa online (http://www.vietnamvisa-online.com/Vietnam-visa-extension.aspx), pay online and receive your approval letter through your registered email. It is totally fast and convenient and used by most people worldwide.
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How efficient it is?
Vietnam visa online (http://www.vietnamvisa-online.com/Vietnam-Tourist-Visa.aspx) possesses itself several pros as follows:
Fast: only 1 working day (Urgent service) or 2 working days (normal service)
Secured: no requirement for original passport, granted by Vietnam Immigration Department
Cheap: no transportation fee, no postage fee as everything is done over email.
How to apply for Vietnam Visa Online (http://www.vietnamvisa-online.com/Privacy-Policy-Vietnam-Visa.aspx)?
Visa for Vietnam can be applied in the following ways:
1. Vietnam visa on arrival (http://www.vietnamvisa-online.com/NewsDetail-On-Vietnam-Visa.aspx?newid=27) (by air only)
Apply for Vietnam visa (http://www.vietnamvisa-online.com/) on arrival here (http://www.vietnamvisa-online.com/Apply-Vietnam-Visa.aspx)
Receive your approval letter after 1 or 2 working days
Print it out and stamp for Vietnam visa at Vietnam airports (http://www.vietnamvisa-online.com/Vietnam-international-airports.aspx)
Visa on arrival is highly recommended for those who travel by air as:
Saving you at least 20% over getting a visa at embassy.
No consulate fee, no transportation fee to visit an embassy
No postage fee as everything is done over email.
No original passport
Convenient and hassle-free
2. Vietnam visa approval code (http://www.vietnamvisa-online.com/NewsDetail-On-Vietnam-Visa.aspx?newid=29) (by land/water, etc)
There are two ways for you to get Vietnam visa approval code (http://www.vietnamvisa-online.com/FAQ-Vietnam-Visa.aspx?#Q7):
2.1. Apply online
Apply online here (http://www.vietnamvisa-online.com/Apply-Vietnam-Visa.aspx) to get Vietnam visa approval code
Receive approval code after 1 or 2 working days
Print it out and bring it to Vietnam embassy/consulate (http://www.vietnamvisa-online.com/Vietnam-Embassies-And-Consulates-Abroad.aspx) to stamp for Visa
2.2. Apply for Vietnam visa (http://www.vietnamvisa-online.com/) at the Vietnam embassy/consulate
Go directly to Vietnam embassy
Wait for 3-5 workings day
The fee is $70 upward.
In short, Vietnam visa on arrival is more time-saving and convenient. In case, you would like to travel by ship/land…, you should apply online for Vietnam visa (http://www.vietnamvisa-online.com/) and then stamp Visa at Vietnam embassy/consulate to save up your time speed up the Vietnam Visa procedure.
For further information regarding Vietnam visa, please feel free to contact us at:
For further details regarding Vietnam visa (http://www.vietnamvisa-online.com/ContactUs-Vietnam-Visa.aspx), please contact us at:

1. By phone
+ Hotline number (24/24 hour per day) : (84) 943.25.25.52
+ Local number : (84) 437 916 785
2. By email
+ For visa processing support : support@vietnamvisa-online.com
+ For feedback : feedback@vietnamvisa-online.com
3. Live chat with Vietnam Visa Support team
Yahoo: lotte.vietnamvisa_online (ymsgr:sendim?lotte.vietnamvisa_online)
Skype: vietnamvisa-online (skype:vietnamvisa-online?chat)

4. In person contact: our Vietnam Visa office is open and warmly welcomes you during office hours (8 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. and 1.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m)
Visa Department Address: No 2, 14 alley , 800A road, Nghia Do Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam.

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