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04-04-2010, 08:41 PM
Portable HTML Executable 3.1
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HTML Executable is a versatile tool which provides you with powerful options and features, allowing you to build complex and interactive publications.

The following list does not include all of the features but it shows the main ones. You can also jump to the online help where each feature is described in details.

* HTML Executable includes an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI), allowing you to access to the wished options quickly. It works with a wizard-like \"tabbed\" interface

# Turn your websites into single Windows executable (EXE program) files - called ebooks or publications - for easy and fast distribution to your customers, colleagues, friends, and other users.

# All website files including HTML pages, images, graphics, sounds, CSS, JavaScript, applets and other files are stored inside the .exe ebook file so you do not need to distribute them.

# HTML Executable is the sole HTML compiler that creates 3 types of ebooks: Self-Extracting, Internet Explorer based and HTML Viewer publications.

* Self-Extracting publications are ideal for their small size and if you need to work with the latest HTML technologies like DHTML, Java, scripting support (JavaScript, VBScript...), XML. They require a Web browser on the destination computer (like Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox). Use Self-Extracting publications to create archives of your websites for example.

* HTML Viewer publications have their built-in HTML browser and do not require any external Web browser. They can run on any computer with or without a Web browser. They are similar to Web browsers because users are now familiar with their navigation interfaces.

* Internet Explorer based publications are similar to HTML Viewer publications; they feature their own browser based on Internet Explorer. Thus they provide better compatibility with websites as you can use HTML 4.0, DHTML, JavaScript, VBScript, CSS, and even Java applets (limited support).

* Each publication type has its own features and functionality, making HTML Executable the most versatile HTML compiler: you can choose the publication type that suits your needs.