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08-04-2010, 09:33 PM

Combining DirectX 8.1 support with the latest in 3D graphics, 3DMark2001 SE objectively measures how effectively a PC runs 3D graphics applications and provides users with an online results comparison tool that allows them to make informed hardware assessments and upgrade decisions.

3DMark2001 SE runs a wide range of tests to measure both overall 3D performance and speed, analyzing and displaying all system specifications from the driver versions to the exact hardware components of the PC. A completely new test utilizing pixel shader 1.4 has been incorporated in the new SE version. An updated System Info now also detects installed hard drives as well as AGP settings that are crucial for 3D performance. The upgrade detects all the latest processors such as the AMD Athlon XP, Intel Pentium 4 and the Mobile Intel Pentium III Processor-M.

3DMark2001 SE provides detailed benchmark results by comparing the performance of PCs against a performance database of more than 4 million system results. This allows users to compare their own system performance with other users from around the world.

Major improvements in 3DMark(R)2001 SE (build 330):
- Future DirectX version support.
- AGP 3.0 (AGP 8x) support.
- Support for the latest hardware.

Minor corrections:
- Support for graphics cards with pixel shader support but no vertex
shader support.
- Support for Japanese and Korean operating systems.
- All other identified issues have been fixed.



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