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24-04-2010, 03:48 PM
A large number of substances are pumped into the earths atmosphere every day, because of endless anthropogenic activities. This has resulted in several chemical reactions and interactions. Understanding of different aspects of environmental chemicals is very vital for a proper and judicious management of toxic chemicals. In fact, global awareness on environment demands certain essential inputs.

These, for example, include information about different pollutants, nature of adverse and deleterious effects that the pollutants may cause to animals, humans and to the living environment; the kind of risks that these chemicals pose to humans and to the society at large; the protocols required to evaluate chemical safety; good laboratory
practices that should be followed to generate reliable and reproducible data and the manner of extrapolation of animal data to humans.

This book provides, in a comprehensive manner, some of the important information that is urgently required by a large number of readers representing a cross section of our society. In short, this book is a must for students, researchers and teachers studying the environment, and regulatory agencies and health managers involved in protection and preservation of our fragile environment.
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