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    Default Tabs Add System for vBulletin 4 (sstab advanced)  

    This mod allows you to easily add and remove tabs on the navigation bar using the adminCP. Tabs can appear as "selected" after being clicked, automatically deselecting the other tabs.
    You also have the option of indicating which groups are allowed and not allowed to see the tabs via usergroup id.
    Tabs may operate as normal select tabs, as drop-down menus. or as links to external sites.

    The Hack only use 1 SQL sentence to create All the Menu, no Template edition

    This Hack allows you to create tabs at the bar of vBulletin 4.0


    - Upload all files in the UPLOAD folder to the root of the forum
    - Import the product 'product-evbs_sstab_advanced.xml'
    - Configure and manage your tabs in the "Tabs vbSoporte" menu in AdminCP
    - Do not forget to "Allow Overwrite" if you are Updating to 2.0

    20-01-10: ver 1.0
    • Create Tabs in vBulletin 4

    23-01-10: ver 2.0
    • Create/Manager Tabs Drop Down
    • Create/Manager Sublinks for Tabs
    • Option to Disable FORUM, HOME, BLOG, WHAT'S NEW Defaults vBulletin Tabs and not delete their sublinks menu
    • Phrases in native English and all phrases are in variables
    • Code with new algorithm for better performance
    • Spanish Language (sstab_advanced_spanish.xml)

    23-01-10: ver 2.0.1
    • Fix some bugs
    • Work with vBadvanced CMPS Menu

    23-01-10: ver 2.0.2

    • Fix menu Tab mix problem
    • Define some Rules:
      1. If TABS is a menu -> No process Sublink
      2. If MENU TAB no have Item -> No Process

    27-01-10: ver 2.0.3

    • Change Title Size from 20 to 50 characters
    • Fix Error when not have Tabs
    • Add 2 phrases that I forgot to include in the last version
    • Fix Groups Permission when is a TAB MENU or TAB with SUBLINK
    • Add MultiScript
    • membergroup with a list and checkbox (option to SET Colums in Config)

    12-May-10: ver 2.0.4 (Compatible with vB 4.0.3)
    • Fix What's News
    • Add Option to ser Imagen to tabs
    • Credits in footer can be disable from Option Panel
    • Fix Calendar problem
    • Fix Option to URL_PARAMETER

    19-Jan-11: ver 2.0.5 (Compatible with vB 4.1.1)
    • Fix All Hide Options
    • Allow to use Phrase as Titles (RULES)
      • If the "Phrase Variable Name" don't exist, them use the TITLE

    ************************************************** ***
    To use this Option only Write the Part that Always repeat, por example for this URLs:
    1. http://x.com/showthread.php?1-Nuevo (Main thread)
    2. http://x.com/showthread.php?1-Nuevo&p=13#post13 (Post in thread)
    3. http://x.com/showthread.php?1-Nuevo/page2 (One page of thread)

    You Only Set:

    1. Tab Label = Any Name
    2. URL = http://x.com/showthread.php?1-Nuevo (or only http://x.com/showthread.php?1- that have the ID of thread)
    3. Tab mode: URL_PARAMETER

    ************************************************** ****
    About Phrases as TITLES
    When you create a New Element (Tab, menu, etc) You see a box to put only the variable Phrase name

    To create New Phrase go to
    Languages & Phrases -> Phrase Manager -> Add New Phrase.


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