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    Default IT Fresher Program at NEC Vietnam  

    NEC Vietnam is a Japanese company, and a part of NEC group, which has more than 300 companies in about 45 countries.
    Location: Etown 3, Floor 9, 364 Cong Hoa Str, HCMC.


    • Lots of opportunities to work in the special fields

    We have many kind of interesting projects that may unleash your capabilities such as:
    – Government’s projects
    – Offshore projects for Japan and Asia markets, etc.

    • To work as global engineer

    To be a part of our team to do international projects, you have many chances to use Japanese and English with foreign co-workers as well as to work abroad, especially in Japan.

    • Opportunities to improve your skills

    We are not only focus on works, but try to improve our employees by continuously conducting many training courses in following topics:
    – Technical skills
    – Management and leadership, and Quality processes
    – Japanese language

    • Good working environment

    – Opportunities for promotion and career-up
    – Special allowance for TOEIC and Japanese (JLPT) certifications
    – Many young people, friendly atmosphere, and excellent working facilities.
    – Many activities to tight up the relationship between employees such as company trip, Christmas party, New Year’s party, support for sport activities, etc.

    • Join training soft-skills and hard skills
    • Work real project with new technology
    • Experience of working in the global environment
    • Long term career path after graduation


    • Final year students major in IT
    • Good logical thinking & teamwork
    • Pro-active, willing to learn and self-develop
    • GPA 7.0 and above is a plus


    • Before June 21st 2016


    • In strict confidence, interested candidates please send your full resume online via Internship.edu.vn


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