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    Icon14 Recruiting Javascript Engineer REMOTE Full-time (within HCMC)  

    * $800-1,200/month
    * Stock option available
    Place: Ho Chi Minh City

    Doong.co - Being invested by Telstra (leading telecommunication corporation of Australia), Doong is now headquartered in Singapore with a distributed tech team and digital marketing team based in Vietnam.
    Doong’s mission is to improve city life by making renting a delightful experience.

    Our product, doong.com.vn, is an online community and marketplace that helps people:
    * Avoid the rising home rental cost in big cities by sharing homes.
    * Connect and live with compatible housemates with similar interests and lifestyle
    * Avoid the fragmented and inefficient renting market in South East Asia with a streamlined digital renting process
    * Reduce scams and frauds by building a self-policing online community with online feedbacks and ratings
    We are hiring 3 more engineers to join our high-growth team

    * Passionate about building great product and improving people’s lives
    * Proficient in at least one OO duck-typing language (PHP, Javascript, Ruby)
    * Strong in OOP and OOD
    * Problem solving and critical thinking
    * Make decisions based on logical analysis rather than emotions
    * High sense of discipline and morality
    * Can work well independently and as part of a team
    * Can collaborate in a remote environment
    * Can form complex, abstract thoughts
    * Can work on unfamiliar tasks that are out of comfort zone
    * Educated with basics of computer science

    Nice to have:
    * Javascript
    * React Native
    * MongoDB
    * Sense of aesthetics

    * 95% Product development, maintenance, architectural planning
    * 5% Listening to user’s feedbacks and convert to actionable items

    WHY work with us?
    + Work in high-growth, highly result-oriented and agile, international environment (English is the primary language), fully funded startup with tremendous opportunity for personal development
    + Team members are highly logical, open-minded, ambitious, and intellectually curious
    + Modern work culture, no office politics. Fairness, honesty, and growth are our top management values
    + Work directly with company’s executives
    + Learn how to build scalable B2C product & product launch strategy

    * Contact & Send CV to: ntn.huyen.2810@gmail.com
    * Deadline: 15/12/2017


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