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30-04-2010, 11:58 AM
Style the webshop up directly from Joomla using your favorite editor as if you where making articles or other content, need a new field for some products? Well create one or more new fields and include the new tag you get when you create a field into the template the product uses or make a new template and create the new field tag in – and there you go new fields right there in the administration for your product and on the frontend too – Its never been easier than that!
So what is redSHOP? redSHOP is a Content Creation Kit style of webshop / webshop tool where you got the most access ever given to any user to completely style around and change their webshop, without a lot more knowledge then HTML and a bit of CSS.
redSHOP offers never earlier seen functionality in webshops – redSHOP offers functionality only seen in software with licenses costing more then up to 1000 times more then a 12 Month Pro Subscription costs.
The goal of redSHOP was to take the normal 20% users can do and the 80% that’s happens in the php files – and switch it around – so with redSHOP you, the user, can do 80% of everything yourself!!!
In a summarized version this is what redSHOP is:
•100% MVC – Perhaps the most amount of menu items available in Joomla History!
•Unlimited products
•Unlimited categories
•Unlimited manufacturers
•22 Different image sizes on the fly from configure settings
•Image AI system for flipping X and Y coordinates on higher than wider images
•Internal Template system – Rewrite almost any screen using templates
•Dynamic Fields – Create new fields for products, categories or manufacturers on the fly
•Complete tagging system – Insert new fields into templates using tags
•Textlibrary system
•Prices, Sale Prices, Volume Prices, Shopper Group Prices
•Related products
•Accessory products – Group products by primary product and make special prices
•Virtual Attribute system with visual navigation and option to upload pictures per attribute and set price adjustment per attribute or sub attribute (including product sku and stockroom)
•Parent / Child product relations
•100% Built in SEO/SEF control (using sh404sef)
•Shoppergroups – B2B Portal system
•Shoppergroup prices – all through redSHOP
•Shoppergroup ACL – Control access to specific categories for B2B Customers
•ACTION EMAILS – Send up to 3 emails on each sale all automated
•Order Catalog feature with action emails
•Product sample feature with action emails
•Vouchers – Create vouchers with option of selecting a specific product and if you want free shipping or not
•Copuons – Create discountcoupons for users or globally
•Discounts with runn