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03-05-2010, 01:02 AM

The product is Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended includes all the functionality of Photoshop CS5, as well as new tools for working with graphics, designed to work with video, Internet access, health data, in production and design. Products Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop CS5 Extended will be available as a stand-alone application and as a key item in the package family Adobe Creative Suite ? 5.

"Over the past two decades we have witnessed a surprising interaction between users seeking to expand their creativity, and enthusiastic team of developers Adobe, which implement these idea in life - said Kevin Connor, vice president of Adobe Professional Digital Imaging. - When we a few weeks ago published the fragments of a video on the work of our engineers on a new function of Content Aware Fill, this video has gained instant popularity and has received nearly 2 million hits, and the function itself has become the most discussed topic on our page on Twitter. The new version of Photoshop includes the most innovative and outstanding technologies developed in our laboratories, and it is obvious that these technologies demand users.

Major changes:
With the advent Photoshop CS5 photographers have access to a function of the new generation to create images with high dynamic range (HDR). Combining pictures with different exposures in a single HDR image, Photoshop CS5 accurately retains the full range of key scenes. New technology allows the HDR Pro to eliminate spurious distortions and provides more precise control of the tone mapping. With features HDR rendering, users can simulate spectacular HDR images, using a single photograph.

Photoshop CS5 includes revolutionary tools to enhance the creative potential of users. Brand new drawing tools include a tool Mixer Brush, who mixes an infinite number of colors on one brush tool Bristle Tips, creating the effect of this smear brush. With Puppet Warp tool, users can change the position or view of any item in the image, for example, to straighten the bent arm on the photos or adjust an image of the landscape to create a new spatial perspective.

Community participation in product development :
The new release of Photoshop are more than 30 features and enhancements suggested by users directly to Photoshop, including automatic image alignment, framing the golden section, the function selection of colors and ability to save 16-bit image format JPEG. All these improvements are aimed at addressing problems that ultimately affect the efficiency of the user, but it does not always fall into the list of tasks for the new release. New customizable toolbar Adobe Mini Bridge is also available directly from the program to optimize the viewing of files and management.

A new level of work with three-dimensional graphics and animation :
Package Photoshop CS5 Extended includes features in addition to Photoshop CS5 tools for editing three-dimensional graphics and mobile content. With the help of new technology Adobe Repouss? users can easily create three-dimensional logos and graphic images from any text layer, shapes or masks, as well as twist, rotate, and stamp objects, giving them a new look. To provide a realistic three-dimensional objects in the new library of materials collected a variety of textures of materials, including chrome, glass and cork. Users can improve the visual perception of three-dimensional objects, creating shadows with a new tool shadow catcher. When working with a mobile content may be used drawing tools, text, and cloning in several frame sequences by using shortcuts.
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