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15-09-2009, 11:57 AM
Demo: http://www.iscripts.com/multicart/demo

iScripts MultiCart - is a unique shopping cart software that can help you create ecommerce marketplace with multiple sellers in the backend. Each seller has their own administrative area to manage their own products, orders, and shipments. Buyers will be able to buy from one seller or multiple sellers at a time. It has a powerful administrative area to manage all aspects of the site like sellers, products, payments, affiliates, and buyers. You as the site owner make money from sale of your products or commission from other sellers

The Cart With Multi vendors

iScripts MultiCart is a feature rich open source shopping cart script that handles multiple vendors thereby generating multiple store fronts. iScripts This unique concept allows you to create vey uniqiue business similar to amazon marketplace or Etsy.com Customize your site using template system that allows for complete customization into your existing site.

http://www.iscripts.com/multicart/images/bullet.jpg Multi vendor shopping cart
http://www.iscripts.com/multicart/images/bullet.jpg Supports physical and digital products
http://www.iscripts.com/multicart/images/bullet.jpg Multiple Payment Gateways
http://www.iscripts.com/multicart/images/bullet.jpg Unlimited vendors/sellers

* v2.0 (Release 1) - Initial package version
* v2.0 (Release 2) - Category updated to one defined in APS specification