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12-10-2009, 03:57 PM

Google Chrome Operating System - under development currently operating system by Google, designed for netbooks and device processors ARM. [2] Officially, this OS is nowhere and never presented itself, all the information about it is limited to statements of representatives of Google in the press. First netbook is supplied with Chrome OS, expected in the second half of 2010. Chrome OS is built on the Linux kernel using a browser, Google Chrome, working in a new, specially designed windowed interface. Source system will be open until the end of 2009.

Google Chrome OS is the operating system that focuses on work in the Internet. It is based on the kernel Linux. It was initially designed to run on netbooks. Source of the new operating system, Google will publish before the end of this year. Basic principles that guide the Google to create Google Chrome OS - speed, simplicity and safety. The developers emphasize that their new operating system simple and intuitive interface, and its users can not be afraid of malicious programs.

Key features:
- Speed: downloads, access the Internet, receive e-mail, etc.
- Integration with Internet services;
- Reliability;
- Security in the automatic mode;
- Simplicity.

518 MB iso, MD5: 7ae6466558e699e8bd5f079029c41450

Language: English
Released: 2009
Size: 518.8 MB
Medicine: Not required