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Thảo Nguyên
20-06-2011, 11:40 AM
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Product Description

Latest vBulletin versions : 4.0.8

Beautiful, clean and professional vBulletin Skin which comes in 4 different colors for the price of 1.

Package contains Eloquent, EloquentBlue, EloquentGreen and EloquentRed.

Skin works with vBulletin suite - CMS, forums, blogs, vBGallery and vbAdvanced.

Installation instructions:

1: Upload images to "*your forums*/images/Eloquent/
2: goto Administration page / Styles & Templates / Import Style XML File.

Eloquent ver1.2 for vB4.0.5
Eloquent ver1.3 for vB4.0.6
Eloquent ver1.4 for vB4.0.7
Eloquent ver1.5 for vB4.0.8