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28-10-2009, 06:22 PM
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USB Safely Remove Final | 3.41 Mb

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A handy menu to stop devices
The main disadvantage of using built-in Windows safe removal tool is that in case of having several hot-plug devices it is quite difficult to recognize a device that needs to be stopped. Most devices have the same name: "USB mass storage device". In addition, Windows does not let you hide a device you would not want to stop from the menu.

Update from 10/26/2009: 4.2 hot-fix 1
We have fixed some bugs found by our users in the version 4.2 final:
"Scan For Hardware Changes" and "Stop All" buttons could change their horizontal\vertical relative positions
The program could display "Cannot connect to service" message on startup
The program could stop additional devices when stopping a certain one
Some languages updated: Bulgarian, Dutch-Netherlands, Finnish, Hebrew, Romanian, Swedish


30-10-2009, 10:25 PM
đây là phiên bản của nước ngoài ak` mih` tưởng của Việt nhưng cía này cũng đc.