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05-11-2009, 08:01 PM
This modification will allow your members to RSVP to events on the vBulletin calendar. By default, members can respond "Yes," "No," or "Maybe," as to whether or not they will be able to attend an event, but you can modify or add to the list of responses members are presented with as you desire. Below are a list of features with new features in version 2.0 highlighted.

Specify some or all of your calendars to use the RSVP system.
Set whether an event accepts RSVPs during event creation / edit.
Allow members to specify if they will be bringing a guest.
Event owners can set the maximum number of guests each member may bring.
Events can be set to close RSVPs on the day of the event or before.
RSVP comments (up to 65k character limit, configurable)
Timestamped RSVPs
Moderators and event owners can remove member RSVPs from events.
Attendance list can be set to display member avatars.
Improved handling of differing timezones and daylight saving times.
Configurable Response options. You aren't stuck with Yes, No, Maybe. You can setup whatever responses you want.
When events are updated, RSVPs will not be deleted unless the event moved to a different day, or the end date of a ranged or recurring event was shortened. Changing the recurring options will still automatically delete the associated RSVPs.
The ability to suppress RSVP deletions on event update entirely, if you wish, although this isn't recommended.
You can now specify a maximum number of attendees for an event. After the maximum is reached, you can configure members to either receive an error or have their response (RSVP) automatically changed to something else. This could be used to create a wait-list bucket, for instance. There won't be any automated system to move members from the wait-list if a space becomes available in this revision, however.
The time stamp on the RSVP is no longer changed unless the member when the member simply updates his comments. The date will only be changed if the member changes from one response to another (i.e. Yes to No).

Please be aware that the following modifications currently WILL NOT work with this revision until they have been updated:
Farcaster's Event Attendance & vb Event Forums Integration
Farcaster's Event Attendance: Email Add-On
vBulletin v3.6.x or higher.

Upgrade Instructions:
Please note that version 2.0.0 of this modification has changed the way the event times are determine for ranged and recurring events. You may "loose" some RSVPs on events as they will no longer be visible.

- 1 xml upload

1. Use the Product Manager to import the product file product-rah_calendar_rsvp_2_0_1.xml. Be sure to ALLOW OVERWRITE.

Installation Instructions
- 1 XML upload
- 1 template modification

1. Use the Product Manager to import the product file product-rah_calendar_rsvp_2_0_1.xml
2. Use the Style Manager to find and edit your calendar_showeventsbit:

Near the bottom of the calendar_showeventsbit, find:

Below that add:

That’s it. You should now configure any changes to the default options you like.