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02-12-2009, 09:09 PM
Seven Transformation Pack will convert your Windows XP/Windows Server 2003 based system to look like Windows 7 and some of its features emulated. You don't have to purchase Windows 7 or any 3rd-party applications to get Windows 7 UI experiences. This transformation pack will simply make it done for you !This will update your Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 with Windows Seven GUI by adding some themes and replacing system files. Seven Transformation Pack gives to your system the fresh and cool look of Microsoft's new operating system: Windows 7. The pack changes most of the system icons, skins and toolbars and also adds new enhancements to your desktop.


Seven Transformation Pack can change such things as:

• Boot screen

• Welcome Screen / Logon Screen

• New msstyles files (visual styles)

• New desktop and file icons

• New toolbar icons

• Progress Dialogs

• Sounds scheme

• System Tray icons

• New Wallpapers

• Some Windows 7's popular features

• And much more

Changes in Version 4.0:

-Added giannisgx89’s “Windows 7″ visual style for Windows Vista

-Added localization support with some fixes in wording and correction (You can modify vilang.sif for program to read in other languages. It may not work on languages with IME unicode charset though)

-Added more system files modification for Windows Vista

|-Shell Elements (Start Menu, Explorer)

|-Startup Animation

|-Tray Icons Set

-Added uxtheme.dll patching for custom theme compatibilities in Windows XP x64 Edition and Windows Vista (x86/x64)

-Added Windows setup files selection warning for people who use this normally but curious about it

-Added x64 system files modification support (Requires .NET Framework 2.0 or higher)

-Fixed 3rd-party applications startup conflicts with installation in configuration file

-Fixed boot screen not applying in some operating systems

-Fixed directory writable checking before preserving vtp.sif in local directory (CD, Network, etc.)

-Fixed exiting application when unsupported OS detected for uxtheme.dll patching instead of disabling uxtheme.dll patching

-Fixed launcher executable not being removed after uninstallation

-Fixed program not loading default configuration when vtp.sif isn’t present

-Fixed “Sevenlize basic desktop theme components” in Personalization to not apply default visual style when not selected

-Fixed some message boxes interrupting unattended transformation

-Fixed theme configuration bug when WindowBlinds isn’t installed

-Fixed Vista Rainbar gadgets positioning compatibilities with Windows Vista/x64

-Fixed Vista Rainbar not clearing startup settings when not installed in Personalization dialog

-Fixed WindowBlinds skin detection bug in Welcome Center

-Removed TrueTransparency from unsafe applications list but will be disabled when Windows Aero is running

-Removed Disable unsafe configuration that may harm system option since there’s no longer unsafe application available

-Updated multi-language support in logon screen and separated system files to modifying system files section

-Updated service pack checking compatibilities with x64 and non-RTM builds

-Updated system files verification to perform less file transfer operations

-Updated TrueTransparency to version 1.3 with x64 and blur support

-Updated ViGlance to version 1.0 build 1210 (Fixed pin saving)

-Updated ViStart to version 2.0 build 3686

|-Added Windows 7 User Interface (Windows X’s version)

|-Added Windows 7 Orb

|-Added Layout.xml for skin customization

|-Added Backwards compatibility with ViStart 6 skins

|-Added Greek language setting to Language Changer

|-Fixed Frequent items re-aligned to be more like Windows 7

|-Fixed Explorer keeps crashing randomly

|-Fixed Start button sometimes freezes

|-Fixed Games or full screen applications cause ViStart to sometimes stop being invoked

|-Fixed Sometimes ViStart disappears

|-Fixed Taskbar disappearance bug

|-Fixed Winkey combo-block bug

|-Fixed Poor interaction with ViGlance

|-Fixed New Programs Installed (Old Start Menu) bug

|-Fixed Floating Objects & Dual Screens bug

|-Fixed 64bit Support

|-Fixed Textbox invoke delayed focus

|-Fixed Invoke speed is about 9x faster

|-Fixed Font/Text not appearing on the right of the start menu

|-Fixed Blank hover image on Power menu and Frequently used programs

|-Fixed Recent items doesn’t appear on Windows Vista and Windows 7

|-Fixed Recent items menu is more responsive (26/10/2009)

|-Fixed Full support for Windows 7 x64/x86

|-Fixed Unresponsive/slow recent items menu in Vista and 7

|-Fixed The invalid picture bug

|-Fixed ViStart not loading the correct user picture in Windows Vista

|-Fixed Clear frequently used programs list tickbox in options sometimes doesn’t work

-Updated Windows Seven visual style

|-Start panel logoff buttons

|-Taskband group menu background and text color

|-Taskband scroll bar

|-Taskbar sizing bar

-Updated Windows startup sound with ones from imageres.dll instead of default sounds scheme


- Link 1 (http://hotfile.com/dl/19125981/4e02ccd/Seven.Transformation.Pack.v4.0_meotinhoc.com.rar.h tml)
- Link 2 (http://www.mediafire.com/?nl2nticygjz)

03-12-2009, 06:03 AM
em tải về cài thử. ai dè nhìn xấu thảm. thua cái vista tranfomation pack nhiều. để xp vẫn đẹp hơn:D
nếu máy ai cấu hình mạnh thì cài hẳn win 7 vào cho đẹp.