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    Default ASP.NET 2.0 Website Programming (with source code)  

    Let me state up front that this isn't a book for completely novice programmers, or for experienced developers that have never touched ASP.NET and the .NET Framework in general. This book teaches how to write a real-world web site from scratch to deployment, and as such it can't explain every single detail of the technology, but must concentrate on designing and writing actual solutions. To comfortably read this book, you should already have had some experience with ASP.NET 1.x, even if not advanced solutions. You're not required to know ASP.NET 2.0, as each chapter will introduce the new controls and features that you'll use in that chapter, providing enough background information to implement the solution.

    This book aimed at describing, designing, and implementing a site much like the ones you’re probably working on or will be soon, while taking the opportunity to introduce and explain many of the new features that the new great ASP.NET 2.0 framework offers. Difficult problems are addressed head-on so you'll be ready for most of the problems you’ll typically face when writing a modern website, and have one or more solutions ready for them.

    Unlike many other ASP.NET books that show examples for individual pages or features, the example in this book is an integrated end-to-end site (written in C#). The entire book and site has been written specifically for ASP.NET 2.0, to use the ASP.NET 2.0 features wherever they make sense. The end-result is a website which features a layout with user-selectable themes, a membership system, a content management system for publishing and syndicating articles and photos, polls, mailing lists, forums, an e-commerce store with support for real-time credit card processing, homepage personalization, and localization.

    This book is basically a large case study that starts from the foundation and works its way through to completion with a series of designs and solutions for each incremental step along the way. What sets the Problem-Design-Solution series apart from other Wrox series is the structure of the book and the start-to-finish approach to one completed project. Not only does this book cover the new features of ASP.NET 2.0, it also demonstrates how to integrate all of them together, for the development of a single full-featured site. All the design options are explained and discussed (including the database design, the data access and business logic components design, and the overall site architecture); at the end of the book you will have learned many of the best practices for web development, based on a solid, scalable, and extensible architecture.

    Chapter 01 - Introducing the Project: TheBeerHouse
    Chapter 02 - Developing the Site Design
    Chapter 03 - Planning an Architecture
    Chapter 04 - Membership and User Profiling
    Chapter 05 - News and Article Management
    Chapter 06 - Opinion Polls
    Chapter 07 - Newsletters
    Chapter 08 - Forums
    Chapter 09 - E-Commerce Store
    Chapter 10 - Personalization and Web Parts
    Chapter 11 - Localizing the Site
    Chapter 12 - Deploying the Site

    Password: knowfree.net


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