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    s0ct0j0c's Avatar

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    Jan 2011
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    Default [DragonByte] xFShout [AJAX]  

    DragonByte Technologies are proud to present xFShout v1: The most advanced, Most feature-rich and most professional shoutbox ever.

    Why xFShout?

    The two owners of Dragonbyte Technologies have a combined experience of over a decade producing, designing and coding vBulletin modifications. We have decided to take this expertise and apply it towards XenForo development.

    As usual we love giving back to the people who support us, which is why we are once again releasing a completely FREE version of our signature Shoutbox which has received great feedback on other platforms, and has more & better features than all our competitors. For them this is a hobby – For us, it's our livelihood.

    The initial version of xFShout is a culmination of all we've learned over the years of developing vBShout, which is presented in a smooth, yet lightweight package that incorporates a feature that's unique to our shoutbox: Shoutbox Instances.


    Major Features

    Advanced Shout Control: You have the ability to post shouts, edit your shouts, insert /Me commands, insert smilies, Bbcode, change font, text colour etc.

    Advanced Staff Control: Give your staff members customised permissions to allow them to do certain actions, on all or selected instances and chat rooms. Permissions include: Banning users, editing user shouts, Creating/Editing "Sticky Notices", Pruning shouts and much more.

    Resource Optimisation: xFShout stores each shout in two ways; parsed and "raw". The benefit of this is a massive resource savings when loading the list of shouts; your server does not need to spend additional resources on parsing dozens of shouts each AJAX load.

    Custom Shoutbox Instances: Ever wanted a separate shoutbox just for your admin forum? Got a part of your board only for VIP members? Now you can set a shoutbox specific to those areas.

    Logging: Worried about staff members pruning the shoutbox to cover their tracks? Don't worry, with our advanced logging options, you can make sure a hard copy is kept of every action taken.

    Easy Shoutbox Notice Editing: You and usergroups with the "Can Set Sticky" permission can now edit the notice by double-clicking the Sticky in the shoutbox. Quickly fix typos or rapidly update with new turn of events, editing it is never more than two clicks away.


    Upcoming Features

    • Archive
    • Advanced Optimisation Protocol
    • New Post / New Thread Notifications
    • Shoutbox Tabs
    • Private Messaging
    • Active Users Shout-bit
    • Chat Rooms within instances
    • Shoutbox Sounds
    • Admin Log Viewer
    • Admin Log / Archive Downloading
    • Easier access to common actions (Ban / Unban, View Profile, etc)

    These will be added over time, in no particular order, based on your feedback.



    • Q: Does this go in the Sidebar?
    • A: Not currently, no. We may look into adding it into the Sidebar if there's enough demand for it, but with the expanded set of controls we intend to bring out, it would look highly cluttered.

    • Q: What are the available slash commands?
    • A: Check the Readme file for a complete list of currently available slash commands.

    • Q: Server load went up by over 9000. What gives?
    • A: This is a common problem with AJAX-based shoutboxes. Please try increasing the Refresh Time setting in Admin Control Panel -> Applications -> [DBTech] xFShout -> Manage Instances -> <click>. Increase it in increments of 5.
      If that doesn't solve it for you, then unfortunately there's nothing we can do until we've re-implemented some of vBShout's resource saving technology.

    • Q: My forum is broken now. There's a weird error and I can't access any front-end page. Help.
    • A: Please try going to Admin Control Panel -> Applications -> [DBTech] xFShout -> Manage Instances -> <click> -> Save and see if that solves it for you. If not, please post the complete error message here and we will help you out.

    We hope you enjoy this release from DragonByte-Tech!
    File Kèm Theo File Kèm Theo

  2. Thành viên sau đây nói lời Cảm ơn tới s0ct0j0c cho bài viết hữu ích này:

    hideme (16-06-2012)

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    lukul's Avatar

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    Jan 2011
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    Level: 33 [?]
    Experience: 493,177
    Next Level: 555,345
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    mình íntall rồi sao nó ko hiện ra ka ?

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    thanh_toan2521's Avatar

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    Feb 2011
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    Level: 24 [?]
    Experience: 78,431
    Next Level: 79,247
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    Open template "forum_list" -> find:
    <xen:if is="{$renderedNodes}"><xen:include template="node_list" /></xen:if>

    Add Above:
    Bạn làm theo như vậy là được

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    hanzoo's Avatar

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    Jan 2011
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    Level: 19 [?]
    Experience: 19,759
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    Cảm ơn 1
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    cho hỏi làm sao chat = tiếng việt đc vậy. gõ vào tiếng việt nó báo lỗi
    tiêng anh hoặc tiếng việt không dấu thì ok.


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